A Wedding In Nantucket

A Wedding In Nantucket- A New View

When we got the “save the date” in the mail I was so excited, I had never been to Nantucket before and it had always been on my list of places I want to visit. We took off a few days earlier to be able to spend some time getting to see the sites and go to the beach. Unfortunately, the sun didn’t come out and it was quite chilling. Except of course, for the hours of the actual wedding. Then the sky cleared and it was the most beautiful sunny day for the wedding that was held at the beautiful Nantucket Yacht Club. I was thrilled for the bride and groom.

But while the sun wasn’t shining, and we discovered the beautiful island. We rode bikes and went to some of the local places including  Sanford Farm and Bartlett’s Farm to see the landscape. Luckily for me, I had my camera with me- of course. And as we walked around the town I captured sites that I was able to put my unique Peek Photo Art spin on. These pieces are now exclusively sold at the home furnishing store Bodega located at 2 Candle Street, right across from where most of the photos were taken.

Reflections of the dock in Nantucket

Reflections of the dock in Nantucket

Like a watercolor paining, you can feel the mood.

Like a watercolor paining, you can feel the mood.

Through the lens, a new view.

Through the lens, a new view.


What to do when the kids are at camp?

The simple answer here is….. GO TO YOUR BEACH HOUSE!

The kids are away and now it is time for you to kick up your feet and head to utopia at the beach. July 4th weekend is the unofficial kick off of summer and time for you to open the doors, take over the covers, put on the bikini and head to the beach.

Update your style whether it be the Hamptons, Nantucket or the Jersey Shore.. the best way to decorate is by bringing the outside in. To surround yourself with objects and images that make you feel serine.

Don’t want art that everyone else has? Offering limited editions of 18, a Peek Photo Art piece is a way to express your love of abstract art and photography.

Hope that you have a wonderful summer!


The Barn Series 1 of 4 | How to show the passage of time

On a Napa Valley I took this photo from the car. With fast shutter speed you avoid getting the blur. Nothing wrong with blur, in fact, most of my images are blurry on purpose to show the passage of time. Here in this image, by aging and distressing the image in post-production I am able to do the same.


I sold this image at my art show in NYC in March. It was my first solo show and thrilled with the turn out. The client that purchased the work is an art collector and was looking for original artwork in limited editions. The series of my work is either 36 or 18 per image and size, all are signed by the artist, moi.

For more landscape photography and to see my 4 barns,  please visit my website



What’s Color Got To Do With It?

Color is a big component of setting the mood of a room, no doubt. A cool color such as a pale grey gives the sense of calm and a bright red gives the sense of high energy. Same goes for the color of art work.

I work in photography and have the capability to change the color of my images to create complete different looks. Take for example the below sailboat image:

1763_Yellow Sailboat-Summer Breeze-3853-3858

The look is cool. I call this one “Spring Breeze” because I can sense a bit of a crispness to the air. This is the untouched image, direct from my camera. I then wanted to transform this image to something unique and different. Here is the result.

1763_Blue Sailboats

This is what I call “Summer Breeze”. It is the same file as the one above but here I have changed the colors creating an image that may not be realistic, which is ok, but it also changes the mood of the photo.

To see more of my work please visit my Instragram PeekPhotography and Facebook PeekPhotoArt. 

The Shell Game


Last summer I went to West Hampton Beach to visit my friend Nancy to take her portrait for her social media and marking materials. We had a lovely day driving around to a few fun location to take her photos. Then back to her place, she showed me her shell collection. Nancy loves to collect shells and I took lots of photos. I narrowed down the selection to these image which Nancy now has hanging in her home. These have become so special to her because not only does she love the images, they are part of personal shell collection.

Signing Off


Getting ready for my art show on March 2nd at Bene Rialto. The reception is open to the public and runs from 6pm-8pm. This is a photograph that I took while visiting Muir Woods National Monument outside of San Francisco, Ca.

“Light Leaks” is my take on my visit to the park, the beautiful trees.. the greens and browns..I reimagined to concentration on the warmth of the sun and adding a pink tonality and highlighted the blown out sun. In the photograph, you feel the sun’s warmth reaching out to you.

Art Show Opening Night Reception

Art Show Opening Night

Art Show Opening Night Reception

March 2nd from 6pm- 8pm

Bene Rialto 13 West 38th Street, NYC

Wine and Cheese will be served.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to be having my first solo show in NYC! This is a dream come true for me. After successful sales at both exhibits and retail locations in the Hamptons, I am so excited to share my work with NYC!

To complement the show, which is dedicated to my late father, Bruce Polcek, who suffered from a rare blood disorder called Polycythemia Vera I am raising money for the MPN Research Foundation.


For every $25 donation, your name is entered into a raffle to win a piece of art.


Thank you!